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LA-IMPEX offers a wide range of leather and fur materials.

High quality products and exclusive furs are available for shoe, leather goods, harness and handbag manufacturers, as well as for furriers and designers.


One of the most long-lasting and popular furs in the world. Despite its soft and delicate nature, its fur is durable and warm. It is ideal not only for fur coats, but also for accessories and home decoration.

Chinchilla skin is considered one of the most exclusive materials in fashion. Its fur is soft, silky smooth and warm, even though it is one of the lightest types of fur skin. Most chinchilla skins have a beautiful bluish-grey colour, with the darkest, even black middle and lighter grey on the sides that turns bluish-white.

Luxury fur, it can be used to make collars, fur decoration and coats. Because of its high value and exclusivity, it is widely used by major fashion brands worldwide.

Karakul sheep skin from Namibia. It is characterised by a fur pattern that gives a flat, silky and elegant appearance. The fur skin is soft and elastic. Its natural, shiny finish and unique pattern make this fur one of the favorites of designers and fur designers.

The fox fur is a real classical fur. Different types of fox furs have their own unique characteristics and appearance.  The fur has an smooth, silky topcoat and a dense undercoat. Its use offers unlimited possibilities.

Its natural shades and the gorgeous fall of the longer hairs give a wild look to products made from it. Ideal for hood stripes and collars.

The colour of the fur is reddish-yellowish-grey, very rich, thick and soft to the touch. Ideal for hood stripes and collars.

The natural seal skin is soft and silky with a beautiful pattern, and can be used to make an elegant bag or men’s coat.

Finished, dyed fur made of sheep and lamb with a very fine touch. Smoothly dense wool,

A dyed fur made from sheep and lamb, characterised by its extremely fine feel. It is an evenly compacted wool and can be used to make vests, scarves or even decorations.

Castor Rex Rabbit
High quality fur with a plush effect and a very silky feel, can be used in a wide range of applications.

Available in plates. It can be used mainly for lining of coats, ponchos and decorations.

Musk and Nutria
Available in natural colours. It is mainly suitable for producing accessories and hats.


We offer a wide range of leathers that are best used for shoes, bags, purses, suitcases, luggage, car upholstery, furniture, harnesses, saddles and other small or large leather goods. The leather types we offer are unique and various. Our leathers are durable, while soft and elastic.


We offer microfiber material, which can be used in similar applications as genuine leather.

We recommend it for comfort and fashion shoes as lining and upper leather.

Microfiber is a good choice for lining orthopaedic (comfort) shoes. The absorbent microfiber lining is breathable and has high absorption capacity. It keeps feet dry while providing comfort.