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Industrial adhesives, adhesive tapes, technical foams, microfiber

Industrial adhesives, pretreatment materials

We offer a wide range of water-based and solvent-based adhesives for various industries, such as footwear, leather, furniture, construction, wood industry, etc.

Our partners can enjoy our technical service and other customer-focused, flexible solutions.

Industrial adhesive tapes - tesa products

Tesa adhesive products optimise production processes and improve the quality of end products, so tesa adhesive tapes are successfully used by our partners in many areas of industry. Double-sided tapes offer innovative and economical methods of fixing, mounting and joining.

Leather, leather goods and footwear, construction, automotive, electronics and other industries

The use of tesa double-sided adhesive tapes provides clean, fast and durable results that are recognised by many manufacturers in the leather, leather goods and footwear industries.

In the construction industry it can be used for carpet bonding, depending on the application even in a hand-tearable, removable version or permanent, extra strong bonding version.

In the automotive and electronics industries, tesa double-sided adhesive tapes with a liner (siliconized protective paper) provide maximum adhesion, so they can be used in many areas.

We offer a wide range of tesa products for the leather, footwear and orthopaedic industries, such as 4965, 4964, 4651, 4970, 4863, 4914, 4541, 51570, 4432, 4319, etc.

Technical foams

PE (polyethylene) foams
We offer high quality foam materials for a wide range of applications, from orthopaedics to furniture, automotive, electronics industries and a wide variety of special solutions.

EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate)
EVA foam is light, has excellent mechanical and physical properties, easy to cut and mould. We offer EVA blocks and plates in different densities and sizes.

Upon request, our technical foam division can also provide customized solutions and special colours.


We offer a microfiber material that can be used in the same areas as real leather.

Suggested use:
– automotive industry for carpet as well as in upholstery
– production of comfortable and fashionable shoes (as lining and upper part of shoes as well).

Microfiber is a good choice for lining of the orthopaedic (comfort) shoes.

The microfiber lining is breathable and highly water absorbent.

It keeps feet dry and also provides comfort.